Science & Innovation

Science and innovation are the drivers of the new economy and we specialize in telling the stories through potent and relatable visuals.

video production

Lights, sound, and action bringing stories to life on high definition screens everywhere. 


Headshots - From C level executives to actors and students we offer the same high quality headshot photography.

BOSE (advertising Sample)

BOSE - When Bose Aviation needed imagery for their newest campaign showcasing real pilots they brought us in to make the series.

Commercial Photography

Advertising, Portraits, and Studio Product photography are just some of the commercial photography services we offer.

Editorial Photography

With over a decade of editorial experience and dozens of magazine covers and countless articles we are a premier source of editorial photography in this region.

ASTRO NOVA (Product Sample)

Astro-Nova - When Astro-Nova needed imagery for the launch of their new product we captured both product photos and action photos for the campaign.

Event Photography (coming soon)

Harvard / BASF - When the NORA program needs event coverage for their annual international meeting at Harvard University they contact us. 

simon & Schuster (Product SAmple)

Simon & Schuster - When Gallery Books needed a cover portrait for the new Matt Fraser book they contacted us. 

About James Jones

I grew up in Tokyo and the Boston area hearing the stories and seeing the pictures from Ireland and Japan. I love history and I love the idea that what I capture with my camera now is our future history. I want to make the photo of a woman at work that her great-grandchildren will look back on and say "Great grandma was awesome." When I see photos and videos of my family at work it speaks to me deeply and I want to give that to everyone. I want to capture people in their best light. 

Three things I want you to know

1) At our core we believe in treating people and nature with great kindness and respect. All people deserve to feel respected and appreciated when they work with us. When you bring us to your place of work or living  - we treat it is a gift to us. We will be considerate guests and respectful of your time and space.

2) I learned these skills out in the field. I'm obsessed with the craft of our work so that our clients can focus on their goals. I look for inspiration everywhere.

3) The photos I regret are the ones I didn't take. The friend who is gone and the portrait I never made. My professional legacy will be the images I make and the stories I record and craft. When I'm gone, other than my family, my mark on this world will be through the visuals I create, the people I teach, and the stories I help tell. 

James P. Jones


past Clients: 

BOSE  |  Team Oracle |  SIMON & SCHUSTER (GALLERY BOOKS) |  SenTec AG  |   | IGT | ORTHO RI  | ecore INTERNATIONAL  |  Horizon Aviation | AstroNova | Checon |  EMC Technologies |  Halliwell Engineering  | Littler Mendelson P.C. | Mancini Companies | PURE Insurance | Professional Ambulance | CharterCARE  Winsupply |  Marshall Building |  Marcum LLP |  Belknap White Group  | Transpar Group  | Falvey Insurance Group

Non-profit: US National Park Service  | CrossRef | Brown University | Roger Williams University | TIAA  | Johnson and Wales University  |  NORA / BASF Harvard University MIT UMass Amherst ) | Bristol Community College | Northeastern University |  Get Schooled Foundation | International Society for Technology Education | The Wheeler School | Providence College  | City of Providence |  AAA Northeast and many more...

our services


Interviews, Testimonials, Recruitment, and Social Media style content.

studio Photography

In our studio we make images of people and products using cutting edge equipment and techniques.


I enjoying sharing my knowledge of photography and videography with people who are passionate about learning.

location Photography

We go where people work. From the board room to high above the Newport Bridge we capture compelling images of people doing their work. 

post production & Editing

From photo compositing to video coloring we offer a wide range of post-production services in-house.


I have been an SME for an online learning site and I look forward to opportunities to help organizations leverage and maintain their visual content systems.

Providence, RI